Past Productions

While we are the oldest and only Community Theatre in Fremantle (formed in December 1963), we are certainly not the oldest theatre group in Perth. Over the years, Harbour Theatre has performed hundreds of plays (both 1-act and full productions) and countless Christmas Revues to literally thousands of people since we performed our first play in 1964. And we have enjoyed every minute of it!!

Below is the year by year list of the full length plays that Harbour Theatre has performed, from the mundane to the spectacular, the shortest to the longest, the comedies, the thrillers, the drama's, and the just plain silly. I've not included all of the huge number of 1-act plays and Christmas Revues that Harbour Theatre has performed over the years as that would take up too much time! However, that's not to say that we don't appreciate all the hard work that has gone into those productions.

My thanks to George Iles for his excellent work on 'The Years of Entertainment', A chronological record of the plays of Harbour Theatre, for which I owe much of the information in these pages. Also thanks to my co-editor of 'Treading The Boards: Harbour Theatre. Entertaining Fremantle For 50 Years', Andy Collins, for maintaining an ongoing list of plays and actors.