Mixed Doubles

By Alan Ayckbourn, John Bowden, Lyndon Brook, David Campton, George Melly, Alun Owen, Harold Pinter, James Saunders & Fay Weldon
Directed by Lee Ousby

SEASON:  March

THE PLAYERS (in alphabetical order):
Belinda Chapman
Michael Dornan
Bruce Havilah
Sue Hicks
Lee Ousby

Stage Manager: Harry Schulz
Props: Cassandra Hassett
Makeup: Brian Mahoney
Lighting: George Iles
Sound: George McIntosh

The Garden Party

The Garden Party

By Edgar Metcalf
Directed by Celia Turk


CAST (in order of appearance):
Eleanor: Joan Scafe
Raymond: Jim Tunsch
Malcolm: Martin Bergeron
Sally: Katherine English
Kate: Karen Herminjard
Phillipe: Tim Richards
Maude: Narelle Harris
Nicholas: Chas Wilkinson
Tony: Shane Tyrrell

Stage Manager: Harry Schulz
Rehearsal Assistant: Helena Wenger
Props: Helen Backshell, Anne Smithdale
Set Design: Harry Schulz, Ken Crook
Wardrobe & Makeup: Cassandra Hassett
Lighting: Jo Sterkenburg
Sound: George Iles

The Cemetery Club

The Cemetery Club

By Ivan Menchell
Directed by Joyce Iles

SEASON:  September

CAST (in order of appearance):
Ida: Mavis Glewis
Lucille: Jo Sterkenburg
Doris: Sidsel Brannick
Sam: George Iles
Mildred: Shirley Crook

Stage Manager: Harry Schulz
Props: Shirley Crook, Anne Smithdale
Set Design: Harry Schulz, Joyce Iles
Dressmaking: Aileen Sterkenburg, Joyce Iles
Prompt: Glenys Richards
Lighting: Hywel Williams
Sound: Stan Brannick

THE CEMETARY CLUB was the last play put on at the Tivoli Theatre. For almost two years we had performed here and although it was only ever a temporary location, the Tivoli at Canning Bridge had become a part of the history of our club.

When the opportunity came along to move Harbour Theatre back to Fremantle, the decision was quickly made to take up the option of a lease with the Fremantle Education Centre to occupy some available space in the Princess May Building. With no help from anyone, approximately $30,000 of our own money was spent, in the space of 7-8 weeks, on materials to convert the school hall into a new home for Harbour Theatre. Once again the members laboured to build and install a stage, tiered seating, procenium arch, lighting, sound and all the other things necessary for a functioning theatre. And all this while rehearsing for the next production!

There were times when the spectre of doubt crept in as to whether or not we would be ready to go up for our first performance, but with a bit of luck, and many hours toil into the nights, the traditional quote of "The show must go on" was once again realised.

So starts another chapter in the history of Harbour Theatre, and it is hoped that this will be as successful as the ones already written..

Table Manners

By Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Stanley Brannick

SEASON:  November

CAST (in order of appearance):
Annie: Katherine English
Sarah: Lyn Colson
Tom: Geoffrey Leeder
Reg: Hywel Williams
Norman: Shane Tyrell
Ruth: Karen Herminjard

Stage Manager: Harry Schulz
Props: Sidsel Brannick, Joyce Iles
Set Design: Harry Schulz
Lighting: George Iles, Hywel Williams
Sound: Jo Sterkenburg