Harbour Theatre Membership

There's more to theatre than just acting!

For most people, theatre is about an actor(s) on stage saying lines from a play. But there is so much more involved behind the scenes that the average theatre patron isn't even aware of. To get even just one actor on stage can involve a massive team (director, playright, stage manager, lighting, sound, costuming, makeup, set construction & painting, properties, publicity, FOH manager, box office staff, etc). And this doesn't even take into consideration the Committee that manage and coordinate all these things so that it will be alright on the night. Hence our tag line - There's more to theatre than just acting!

Harbour Theatre, like most community theatres in Perth, is a self-funded, not-for-profit, volunteer community organisation. We are a hardworking, dedicated team, but we are always in need of more volunteers, no matter what level of expertise in matters theatrical. We encourage anyone to come and get involved. You will meet a lot of friendly people and forge lifelong friendships. You can contribute in any way you wish and as often as you want, whether it be on stage, lighting, sound, makeup, backstage, making props, building/painting sets, front-of-house, administration or even just to make a brew or two!

Getting involved and joining Harbour Theatre is as easy as downloading, completing the Membership Form and posting with your payment.
We have two types of membership;
-  ACTIVE  For those who wish to volunteer and be actively involved and to learn and participate in all aspects of the theatre.
-  SUBSCRIPTION / ASSOCIATE  A yearly subscription for those who wish only to watch theatre. Subscription/Associate Members receive a season pass to all our plays with their subscription with nothing further to pay.
Further details of the benefits and membership fee of both types of membership are listed below.

If you have an queries regarding which type of membership applies to you, or are uncertain of what fee to pay, or would like to arrange EFT payment, then please contact the Membership Secretary for assistance.

NOTE: We ask that anyone who intends to become involved with Harbour Theatre in any capacity to become an ACTIVE member – this is to provide you (and the theatre) with insurance should anything go wrong.

Benefits Of Harbour Theatre Membership:

Ideal for those who ONLY wish to WATCH each play and not participate.

  • Yearly Subscription Membership Fee
    (Equates to a discount of up to 40% off the full price ticket)
  • Regular Harbour Theatre newsletter
  • Priority Booking with NO ticket fees
  • ASSOCIATE Subscription Fees:
      SingleA$70 pa
      DoubleA$140 pa
      Student/ChildA$50 pa
    NOTE: Associate Members cannot participate in the production of a play, vote, or hold office.

    Ideal for those who want to participate and BE ACTIVE in the theatre.

  • Perform in productions
  • The opportunity to participate in all aspects of theatre
  • Regular Harbour Theatre newsletter
  • Voting rights at the AGM
  • Opportunity to hold office on the Committee
  • ACTIVE Membership Fees:
      SingleA$40 pa
      DoubleA$70 pa
      Student/ChildA$35 pa

    A copy of the Harbour Theatre Constitution can be downloaded from here

    Some members, in recognition of their extraordinary efforts within Harbour Theatre, have been conferred with a special honour - Life Membership.