Harbour Theatre Auditions

Breakfast At Tiffany's
Stage Adaptation by Richard Greenburg from the novella by Truman Capote
Dir. Shaun Griffin

AUDITION: SATURDAY 7th December 2019 from 10am
Audition will be held in group format as the director wishes to see the interaction between characters.

LOCATION: Mosman Park Memorial Hall (aka Camelot Theatre), 16 Lochee Street (cnr Solomon St), MOSMAN PARK WA

In autumn 1943, the unnamed narrator befriends Holly Golightly. The two are tenants in a brownstone apartment in Manhattan's Upper East Side. Holly is a country girl turned New York cafe society girl. As such, she has no job and lives by socializing with wealthy men, who take her to clubs and restaurants, and give her money and expensive presents; she hopes to marry one of them.

Holly likes to shock people with carefully selected tidbits from her personal life or her outspoken viewpoints on variious topics. Over the course of a year, she slowly reveals herself to the narrator, who finds himself quite fascinated by her curious lifestyle.

CHARACTERS: ( NB: stage ages only ); 15 men and 6 women required
NARRATOR : 25-30yo, unpublished writer struggling to make a name for himself.

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY : 18-19yo, resides in the same apartment building as the Narrator. She is sophiscated, blunt and unapologetic about her lifestyle.

JOE BELL : 66yo, bar owner. Prefers ice hockey, dogs, radio soap operas and Gilbert and Sullivan over social interaction.

MADAM SPANELLA : 40's, A soprano who enjoys roller skating. Takes a dislike to Holly and appears to be a misogynist.

I Y YUNIOSHI : 30's, professional photographer. Japanese born living in California.

RUSTY TRAWLER : mid 30's, rich, spoiled and masochistic playboy.

O J BERMAN : 40's, Holly's former talent agent. Talkative and opinionated.

MAG WILDWOOD : early to mid 30's, a glamourous model confident with men and an extravagant style of dress. Has a pronounced stutter. Holly's on again off again friend.

DOC GOLIGHTLY : 50's, Holly's husband. Horse doctor from Texas who treats Holly well.

JOSE YBARRA-JAEGER : Late 30's, good looking and well groomed Brazilian diplomat. Refined and well cultured.

ENSEMBLE (may be doubled up) : Sid Arbuck, Airforce Colonel, Journalist, Man, Stern Lady Boss, Dr Goldman, OJ's servant, Rusty's servant, Reporter, Female Cop.

19th to 29th March 2020 (10 performances total), including matinees' on Sunday 22nd & Sunday 29th March at 2:00pm, and a Charity Performance on Thursday 19th March.

For further information and an audition pack, please contact the director Shaun Griffin on
  0423 397 892