Harbour Theatre Auditions



Harbour Theatre is looking for three actors for our upcoming June production of Precious Little Talent by Ella Hickson.

A comedy/romance by Ella Hickson.
Directed by Ellis R. Kinnear

Joey, a graduate with a first-class honours degree in law — and £20,000 worth of debt — has just been fired from her job as a waitress.
With no future prospects she travels to New York on a whim to visit her estranged father, George.
Once there, she meets her father's carer, Sam, and sparks begin to fly...
The three characters collide as British cynicism meets American optimism in a cruel world.

Ages and genders flexible:
George: (M) 60 English accent
Joey: (F or M) 25 English accent
Sam: (F or M) 20 American accent

Auditions: Saturday 1st April, 2pm.
Venue: Alf Adams Pavilion, Solomon St, Mosman Park
Contact: Ellis Kinnear on erkinnear@gmail.com