Sailor Beware Harbour Theatre's 50th Full Length Production:

Sailor Beware

By Philip King & Falkland Carey
Directed by Jimmy Quinn

SEASON:  March

CAST (in order of appearance):
Eddie Hornett: Joyce Birch
Emma Hornett: Shirley Crook
Florrie Lack: Norma Parr
Henry Hornett: Roy Sutton
Albert Tufnell AB: George Iles
Carnoustie Bligh AB: Iain Reid
Daphne Pink: Evelyn Baker
Shirley Hornett: Nell Shaw
Rev Oliver Purefoy: Ken Baker

Stage Manager: Sheila Gregson
Props: Cynthia Green
Lighting: Brian Mahoney
Prompt: Elsie Sutton

After the Fremantle library moved out to new premises alongside the Town Hall, the Evan Davies Building was scheduled for demolition. Due to the efforts of the members of Harbour Theatre, The Fremantle Society, and a Heritage Commission grant, the building was saved and partially restored. This enabled Harbour Theatre to convert the entire upper floor into a dedicated and intimate theatre. However, because of the renovations Harbour's 50th production, a reprise of SAILOR BEWARE, had to be performed in the Princess May Building.



By Peter Blackmore
Directed by Jimmy Quinn

SEASON:  August

CAST (in order of appearance):
Betty: Christine Jackson
Isobel: Joyce Iles
Lady Marten: Norma Parr
Sir Paul Marten: Peter Brunt
Charles: Ken Russell
Miranda: Nell Shaw
Nurse Carey: Sheila Gregson
Nigel: Robert Baudains

Stage Manager: Stuart Beresford
Props: Joyce Birch
Prompt: Clarice Anderson

Darling I'm Home

Darling I'm Home

By Jack Popplewell
Directed by Clarice Anderson

SEASON:  November

CAST (in order of appearance):
Celia Johns: Sue Reid
Janet: Shirley Brunt
Rupert Johns: Robert Baudains
Robin Nightingale: Graeme Little
Barry Bingham-Brown: John Lockman
Inga Peterson: Lucia Lang
Karen Johns: Valerie Jarrett
Rodney Billingham: Ken Baker

Stage Manager: Stuart Beresford
Assistant Stage Manager: Norma Parr
Prompt: Evelyn Baker