The Anniversary

By Bill MacIlwraith
Directed by Ken Baker

SEASON:  March

CAST (in order of appearance):
Tom: Bob Parry
Shirley: Jenny Wilson
Henry: Robert Baudains
Terry: George Iles
Karen: Evelyn Baker
Mother: Joyce Birch

Stage Manager: Brian Mahoney
Props: Roy Sutton
Prompt: Elsie Sutton

And This Was Odd

And This Was Odd

By Kenneth Horne
Directed by Clarice Anderson


CAST (in order of appearance):
Morton: Brian Mahoney
Nurse Jones: Sue Reid
Julia Kemp: Elsie Sutton
Jane Simmons: Joyce Iles
Margot Kemp: Ingrid Little
Frank Kemp: Roy Sutton
Sam Potts: Iain Reid
Mrs Simmons: Sheila Gregson
Monica Wilson: Jenny Olsen

Stage Manager: Norma Parr
Props: Graeme Little
Prompt: Linda Nicholson

My Honey Has a Bitter Taste WORLD Premiere of

My Honey Has a Bitter Taste

By John Scott Simmons
Directed by Jimmy Quinn

SEASON:  August

CAST (in order of appearance):
Ruby Midgley: Norma Parr
Tom Burkitt: Graeme Little
Susannah Twyford: Pamela Melrose
William Briggs: George Iles
Mary Limeburner: Evelyn Baker
Kate Kavanagh: Shirley Brunt

Stage Managers: Iain Reid, Ken Baker
Props: Joyce Birch
Set Design: Brian Mahoney
Wardrobe: Rosemary Parry, Ingrid Little, Joyce Iles, Sue Reid
Dressers: Rosemary Parry, Ingrid Little
Prompt: Sue Reid

Victorian playwright John Scott Simmons approached the only theatre company in Fremantle at that time, Harbour Theatre, to perform his play MY HONEY HAS A BITTER TASTE which was specially written for the celebration of the State's 150th and the City of Fremantle's 50th year celebrations.

Set in Fremantle in 1852, it involved recreating on stage the St John's Church bell tower and a cottage along the banks of the Swan River. The staging of this play was a World Premiere for Harbour Theatre...

Two Faces of Murder

Two Faces of Murder

By George Batson
Directed by Beryl Sylvester

SEASON:  November

CAST (in order of appearance):
Cora Mayhew: Joyce Birch
Jenny (the housekeeper): Joyce Iles
Gerald Colby: Brian Mahoney
Harriet Colby: Elsie Sutton
Tracy Colby: Jenny Olsen
Max: Bob Parry
Myra Colby: Rosina Ainsworth
Detective Sergeant Farrar: Roy Sutton

Stage Manager: Harry Schulz
Props: Pamela Melrose
Lighting: Peter Mahoney
Prompt: Robert Baudains