Suddenly At Home

By Francis Durbridge
Directed by Anne Smithdale

SEASON:  March

CAST (in order of appearance):
Maggie: Katherine English
Helen: Meredith Hunter
Ruth: Rebecca Mackesey
Sam: Graham Holmes
Sheila: Marcia Essers
Glenn: Fred Lawson
Appleton: Lee Ousby
Remick: Shane Tyrrell

Stage Manager: Harry Schulz
Props: Anne Smithdale, Rebecca Mackesey
Set Artwork: Katherine English, Stella Glorie
Prompt: Maureen Gathercole

After the March 1995 Season, Harbour Theatre had to move out of the Evan Davies Building, it's home for the last 31 years. A wake was held on Saturday 27th May 1995 in the empty shell of the Theatrette, a sad day for all concerned. However, in the true spirit of theatre, the old saying "The show must go on!" was the dominant feeling amongst those attending. While our next few productions will have to be in temporary accomodation until we find another permanent home, one thing is certain, Harbour Theatre will continue.

Successful negotiations were held with the Trivoli Theatre, Canning Bridge, and it was decided this would be our new home, (for the time being at least).

The Wee Small Hours

By Alice Dale
Directed by Stuart Riches


CAST (in order of appearance):
Sara: Marcia Essers
Nan: Stella Glorie
Barry: Bruce Dobson
Gregory Phillips: Andrew Turk
Voice of Nancy: Laura Essers

Stage Manager: Val Riches
Props: Laura Essers
Set Design: Val Riches
Makeup: Brian Mahoney
Lighting & Sound: Celia Turk



By Andrew Davies
Directed by Celia Turk

SEASON:  September

CAST (in order of appearance):
Rose: Katherine English
Mother: Shirley Crook
Smale: Jo Sterkenburg
Malpass: Helen Backshell
Jim Bean: Bruce Havilah
Sally: Stella Glorie
Jake: Brian Mahoney
Geoffrey: Andrew Turk

Stage Manager: Harry Schulz
Props: Melinda Mendoza, Bill Backshell
Lighting: Hywel Williams, George Iles
Sound: Celia Turk
Prompt: Brian Mahoney

Spin Off

By Jack Sharkey
Directed by Lee Ousby

SEASON:  November

CAST (in order of appearance):
Peter Colton: Bruce Dobson
Laurel Colton: Laura Essers
Willy Nicholas: Tim Richards
Victoria Wickey: Belinda Chapman
Sheila Mahoney: Katherine English
Carlos Ortega: Douglas Iles

Stage Manager: Bruce Havilah
Props: Mavis Glewis
Set Design: Brian Mahoney
Lighting: Shane Tyrrell
Sound: Celia Turk