The House on the Cliff

By George Batson
Directed by Clarice Anderson

SEASON:  March

CAST (in order of appearance):
Karen Clayton: Shirley Brunt
Dr Lane: Peter Brunt
Ellen Clayton: Pamela Forsyth
Jenny: Sheila Gregson
Nurse Pepper: Joyce Iles
Dr Phillips: Darryl Denic

Stage Manager: Joyce Birch
Assistant Stage Manager: Irna Ingham
Props: Anne Walter
Prompt: Beverley Nicholls

The Flip Side

By Hugh & Margaret Williams
Directed by Clarice Anderson


CAST (in order of appearance):
Candida: Pamela Forsyth
Sharon: Sue James
Julian: Brian Mahoney
Theo: George Iles

Stage Manager: Iain Reid
Assistant Stage Manager: Shirley Crook
Props: Joan Dawson
Prompt: Dianne Schulz

And Suddenly It's Spring

By Jack Popplewell
Directed by August

SEASON:  August

CAST (in order of appearance):
Peggy Jones: Julie Crook
Sally Seymour: Shirley Crook
Joy Lucas: Toni Creed
Harry Markham: George Iles
Ford Baxtor: Robert Baudians
Brian Lawson: Brian Mahoney
Spike Muldoon: David Eggleston

Stage Manager: Anne Thornton
Assistant Stage Manager: Iain Reid
Props: Joan Dawson, Bob Goodsdale
Prompt: Sue James

The Peacocks Must Go

The Peacocks Must Go

By Dennis Driscoll
Directed by Jimmy Quinn

SEASON:  November

CAST (in order of appearance):
Isobel Brocklebank: Stella Clark
Sally (her daughter): Marcia Essers
Haydn Brocklebank: Neil Smith
Doreen Fisher: Dianne Schulz
Emma Armitage: Shirley Crook
Jonty Cragg: Iain Reid

Stage Manager: Joan Dawson
Props: Jenny Olsen
Prompt: Sue James