Woman In Mind

Woman In Mind

By Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Fred Lawson

SEASON:  Friday 12th March - Saturday 20th March

CAST (in order of appearance):
Susan: Joan Scafe
Bill, her doctor: Stuart Riches
Gerald, her husband: Rob Garton-Smith
Muriel, her sister-in-law: Mavis Glewis
Rick, her son: Cary Hudson
Andy, her imagined husband: David McGarr
Tony, her imagined brother: Stuart King
Lucy, her imagined daughter: Lauren Walker

Stage Manager: Kate McGinniskin
Props & Costumes: Sue Lawson
Set Design & Construction: Harry Schulz, Stan Brannick, Brian Mahoney, Fred Lawson, Rob Tagliaferri, Sue Lawson, Eve Devitt-Rix, Peter Kirkwood
Set Artwork: Eve Devitt-Rix, Ken Crook
Lighting & Soundscape Design: Rob Tagliaferri
Lighting Operator: George Iles
Sound Operator: Eve Devitt-Rix

Shirley Valentine

Shirley Valentine

By Willy Russell
Directed by Celia Andrews

SEASON:  Friday 21st May - Saturday 29th May

Shirley Valentine: Rosemary Longhurst

Stage Manager: Jo Sterkenburg
Assistant Stage Manager: Chris Calvert
Backstage Assistant: Stan Brannick
Props: Bernadette McGregor
Set Design: Celia Andrews
Set Construction: Harry Schulz, Celia Andrews, Stan Brannick, Brian Mahoney, Rob Tagliaferri, Jo Sterkenburg, Peter Kirkwood, Nicola Bond
Lighting & Sound: Rob Tagliaferri
Programme Design: Nicola Bond

Due to circumstances beyond our control, there has been a late change in the director for this play. Harbour Theatre would like to thank Lauren Walker for all her work and vision for "Shirley Valentine" and wish her all the best and her father a speedy recovery.


Bram Stoker's Dracula

Adapted by Jane Thornton and John Godber
Directed by Nicola Bond & Peter Kirkwood

SEASON:  Friday 30th July - Saturday 14th August

CAST (in order of appearance):
Voice 1: Kathryn English
Voice 2: Amanda Huxtable
Voice 3: Melanie Dimmitt
Voice 4: Shareen Ghani
Jonathon Harker: Phil Barnett
Dracula: Chris Thomas
Voluptua: Luci van den Berg
Andromeda: Melanie Dimmitt
Maximillia: Zoe Gillan
Portia: Tiffany Kaillis
Mina Harker: Kelly Cleary
Lucy Westenra: Fiona Blakely
Dr Jack Seward: David Colson
Renfield: Stuart King
Sailor/Attendant: Nathan Cammerman
Lord Arthur Holmwood: Steve Marrable
Prof. Abraham Van Helsing: Norm Heath
Maid: Elizabeth Sheridan, Kathryn English
Mrs Bloxham: Mavis Glewis
The Agent: Maureen Barnett

Stage Manager: Peter Kirkwood
Assistant Stage Manager: Shareen Ghani
Stagehand: Laura Vallini
Props: Nicola Bond, Bernadette McGregor, Liz Nicholas
Set Design: Peter Kirkwood, Nicola Bond
Set Construction: Harry Schulz, Peter Kirkwood, Nicola Bond, Liz Nicholas, Bernadette McGregor
Costumes/Make-up/Hairstyles: Nicola Bond
Costumes Assistants: Maureen Barnett, Liz Nicholas, Mavis Glewis
Lighting Design: Peter Kirkwood, Rob Tagliaferri, David Finney
Lighting Operator: Rob Tagliaferri
Music & Soundscape Design: Peter Kirkwood, Ben Kirkwood, Nicola Bond, Rob Tagliaferri
Sound Operator: David Finney
Rehearsal Prompt: Maureen Barnett
Poster & Programme: Nicola Bond
Publicity: Rob Tagliaferri
Bookings: Sidsel Brannick
Photography: Rob Tagliaferri
Front-of-House Manager: Brian Mahoney
Front-of-House: Members of Harbour Theatre
Ushers: Luci van den Berg, Zoe Gillan

Round and Round the Garden

Round and Round the Garden

By Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Stan Brannick

SEASON:  Friday 3rd December - Saturday 11th December

CAST (in order of appearance):
Tom: Rob Tagliaferri
Annie: Luci van den Berg
Norman: Kim Taylor
Reg: Geoff Leeder
Sarah: Shirley Toohey
Ruth: Jo Sterkenburg

Stage Manager, Props & Prompt: Sidsel Brannick
Set Design: Harry Schulz
Set Construction: Harry Schulz, Celia Andrews, Sidsel Brannick, Stan Brannick, Matt Cuccovia, Rob Tagliaferri, Jo Sterkenburg, Peter Kirkwood, Eve Devit-Rix
Set Artwork: Celia Andrews, Aileen Lewis, Stan Brannick
Lighting Design: Rob Tagliaferri
Lighting & Sound Operator: Eve Devitt-Rix
Poster & Programme: Nicola Bond
Publicity: Rob Tagliaferri
Front-of-House: Brian Mahoney & Members of Harbour Theatre